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The Penn Street Double Tragedy



Yesterday, (Thursday), at the Guildhall, High Wycombe, Mr. A. E. W. Charsley, Coroner for South Bucks, resumed the inquest – (adjourned from Tuesday, September 24th) – on the double fatality which occurred at Penn Street on the night of Saturday – Sunday, September 21st – 22nd. The victims of this sad affair were:


Southwood, Walter Archibald Bruce, 21, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. B. Southwood, of “Rose Cottage,” Penn.
Cook, George, 31, Finchers Lodge, Amersham, son of Mrs. Emma Cook, a widow.


Lawrence, Dorothy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E. Lawrence, “Penn Wood View Cottages,” Penn Street.
Page, William Frank, Tylers Green, Penn.

The story is a familiar one by now. All the parties concerned – deceased, the injured, and the witnesses at the inquest – attended the first dance of the season at Penn Street Village Hall. After the dance, at about midnight, Miss Dolly Lawrence and Mr. Cook strolled a short way up the road towards the Church, and the couple had just turned and were making for her home, which faces Penn Wood, when a motor cycle driven by Mr. Southwood, with Mr. Page as pillion-rider, collided with them. As a result of the collision Mr. Southwood and Mr. Cook received such terrible injuries that they died shortly afterwards at Wycombe Hospital, where they were taken: Mr. Page was detained in Hospital with injuries, but was released during the week; Miss Dolly Lawrence, who was taken home, received such head injuries that she was seriously ill for several weeks, and the adjourned inquest was held in abeyance until her recovery.

The Bucks Examiner, Friday, October 25th, 1929.

George Cook was buried in Penn Street Churchyard, 25th September, 1929.

Original Page from The Bucks Examiner, Friday, 25th October, 1929
With full text of the proceedings at the inquest. (PDF file, 900k, Opens in new window)